All Doom Eternal Hell of Earth collectibles and secrets

Looking for a complete guide to all of the Doom Eternal Hell on Earth collectibles and secrets? Doom Eternal is absolutely stacked with collectibles and secrets, ranging from cute Funko-inspired demon figurines and playable soundtracks, to Doom Eternal cheat codes and even weapons like the Doom Eternal Unmakyr. Sure, you could blast through the single player campaign in one very sweaty day of strafe-shooting, but the best way to savour id Software and Bethesda’s latest is to take you time and hoover up every collectible and secret in the game.

The first level is refreshingly light on collectibles compared to some of the later levels, but that doesn’t mean they are any easier to find. You’ll need to keep your eyes peeled for breakable walls, hidden areas, and alternative pathways to grab every secret in the game. One tip: set your gamma a little higher than you normally would to make spotting breakable walls that bit easier.

We’ve also ignored any of the collectibles that are on the main mission path as you’ll spot these easily.

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