Cheating in League of Legends just got much harder

League of Legends cheaters’ jobs just got a little harder thanks to a new form of anti-cheat system coming to the game. The kernal anti-cheat advancement, developer Riot says, is designed toward “protecting you from aimbots, protecting us from Reddit, and protecting cheaters from themselves”.

Riot announced the news in a development blog from anti-cheat engineer Phil Koskinas. The developer explains the situation using a helpful kitchen analogy: “We (in user-mode) have to ask the kitchen (Microsoft Windows) what’s been added to our beef goulash (League of Legends).” To get into the nitty-gritty: Riot’s existing anti-cheat measures have more restricted access to users’ systems than cheaters do. This means the anti-cheat systems often can’t detect cheaters, even when they’re there. By allowing the anti-cheat system greater access – to your device’s kernel – it should be able to detect more cheaters.

Koskinas explains: “An abundance of cheats currently run at a higher privilege level than our anti-cheat does. To put that in the terms of our immaculate kitchen analogy: when we ask the head chef if our goulash ingredients are actually farm-to-table, some random dude in a toque convinces restaurant management that he’s ‘got this’ and then replies to our request with, ‘Sure my guy, dig in.'”

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