Doom Eternal secret PC password in Fortress of Doom guide

If you need to know the Doom Eternal secret PC password in Fortress of Doom, then you’ve come to the right place. By now, you’ve probably spent some time exploring Doomguy’s pad and taking in his impressive collection of comic books and literature, as well as his cosy wing-backed chair where he spends time contemplating life between rounds of demon killing.

The Fortress of Doom hub is also where you can unlock the Unmakyr in Doom Eternal and use sentinel batteries to unlock more goodies such as gear and upgrades. There’s also an old school PC set up on the dash of Doomguy’s, er, lounge? Here, you’ll be teased by two game files that are both hidden. Minor spoiler alert here, but they’re actually game files for Doom I and Doom II. That’s right, you can play a game within a game, pretty cool, but if you’ve tried smashing in a couple of Doom references into the password screen and failed, you’ll be glad to know you’re not far off.

On the left you’ll see Doom 1, but you’ll need to complete the main campaign to access that. However, Doom 2 asks you for a super secret PC code to access the game. Here’s the Doom Eternal PC password you’ll need to enter to access Doom 2.

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