Game streaming “just isn’t the same as playing on your console” says Xbox boss

Xbox chief Phil Spencer believes streaming will become an integral part of the gaming experience, starting with Xbox’s own efforts with its Project xCloud service. However, Spencer also speculated that a future where games are streamed without local hardware may still be “years and years away” from becoming a mainstream reality.

Speaking with Gamespot (via VG247), the well-known face of Xbox, Phil Spencer, suspects that gaming hardware will stick around for quite some time to come. That’s despite efforts by newcomers to the streaming market, Google, which has been teasing the streaming market with its Stadia service set to launch in November.

“I think this is years away from being a mainstream way people play. And I mean years, like years and years,” Spencer says to Gamespot. “Let’s take Netflix, which is 20 years old. I think we forget that sometimes because tech moves so fast. It’s 20 years old at this point, so it took two decades for us to get to the point where shows like Game of Thrones and House of Cards are some of the biggest shows in the planet and mainly watched via streaming. I think game streaming will get there faster than 20 years, but it’s not going to be two years. This is a technological change. While it seems like it happens overnight, it doesn’t.”

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