Intel Xe GPUs will only appear as reference cards with AIBs not willing to cooperate

According to a regular poster on Chinese tech forum, Chiphell, the Intel Xe GPUs will only appear in reference graphics card designs with no current add-in board (AIB) partners yet willing to cooperate for this first-gen release. That’s probably not a huge surprise, given that it’s an unproven architecture that manufacturers aren’t going to want to commit to until they see some momentum with second and third-gen Xe GPUs.

But if that sounds credible, and I think it does, how much you trust forum posters will determine just how much faith you put in what else wjm47196 has to say about the development troubles of Intel’s Xe GPUs… The way it’s spread across the net today, despite being posted back in November, suggests it’s being taken as read.

The first point they make in their unsourced post is that progress is not going smoothly, despite the announcement last month that Intel had passed the power on tests of the first GPU. They say that right now the efficiency of the architecture is very low and that reportedly makes it very unlikely it will be able to compete with either AMD or Nvidia’s discrete graphics card offerings.

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