League of Legends patch 10.4 notes – Blood Moon skins and loads of balance changes

Congratulations, LoL fans, on surviving the long, cold month of January and making it to the next stage of League of Legends season 10. Following the extensive batch of changes that LoL patch 10.3 has now brought to the live game, we’ve got another sizeable round of tweaks and tinkerings on the PBE to share with you – it’s time for League of Legends patch 10.4!

While the last update introduced some super sweet Heartseeker skins for Yuumi and Jinx – just perfect ahead of Valentine’s Day – it looks like patch 10.4 is taking a slightly different direction with a return of the Blood Moon line. Three Champs get Blood Moon skins this update: Katarina, Master Yi, and Tryndamere. You can get a good look at these further down.

That’s not all, however – Riot’s got a whole bunch of balance changes in the works this cycle. Recently, senior LoL Champion designer August Browning indicated top lane Soraka would be nerfed “pretty hard”, and it looks like this is already on the way, with a load of changes to her abilities this patch. But she’s not the only one – top lane Sona’s getting nerfed too, judging by the changes Riot’s made on the PBE so far.

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