Leaked AMD B550AM motherboard will end the PCIe 4.0 price premium

A complete specification list and user manual for ASRock’s long-awaited B550 motherboard has been leaked. Or is it the B550A? It’s hard to say. You see, the leak describes a motherboard titled ‘B550AM,’ which is odd considering B550A motherboards were supposed to be fitted with PCIe 3.0 capability only – or at least that’s what AMD told the public months ago – and yet the ASRock B550AM appears to be PCIe 4.0 compatible.

If the previous generation’s budget B450 motherboard is anything to go by, the B550 should also be easy on the wallet, which is what makes its impressive feature list so… well, impressive. With the small board’s user manual outlining its PCIe 4.0 and Gen 4 NVMe compatibility, as well as its 10-phase voltage regulator modules (VRMs), it’s an exciting time to be an AMD user. It might even end up in our list of the best AMD motherboards for gaming.

This leak comes Komachi Ensaka, who, as well as tweeting copies of the B550AM’s user manual and specification sheet, also tweeted a picture of the motherboard. There are two things worth discussing here. One is the board’s pretty impressive feature list, and the other is its name. Yeah, let’s start with the name…

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