New Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Celebration Edition leaked, release date seemingly confirmed

It looks like a Celebration Edition of Star Wars: Battlefront II is on the way. That’s according to True Achievements, which has posted an image, details, and even a release date for the game – and it’s due to arrive later this week.

The post introducing the new edition says: “Get Star Wars: Battlefront II and the complete collection of customisation content acquirable through in-game purchase [sic] from launch up to – and including – items inspired by Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker when they release December 20, 2019.”

According to the description, the Celebration Edition will include, in addition to the base game, “all past and future free game updates as they release,” and over 25 Hero appearances. This includes six ‘Legendary’ appearances, as well as an appearance of Star Wars movie characters Rey, Finn, and Sith Kylo Ren, all inspired by the next instalment, The Rise of Skywalker, which releases later this month.

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