Nvidia are apparently prepping a GTX 1660 Super, and I’m completely baffled by it

The graphics card rumour mill never ceases to amaze me. Despite no hard evidence whatsoever, the latest thing being whispered around the internet is that Nvidia are apparently getting ready to launch two new GTX 16-series graphics cards – the GTX 1660 Super and the GTX 1650 Ti. Indeed, after first spotting the story on Chinese news site MyDrivers, even renowned leakers VideoCardz have admitted they’ve found “no substantial evidence” for such a claim. Even if it does turn out to be true, though, I just can’t fathom where a GTX 1660 Super, or even a GTX 1650 Ti, would even sit on the great graphics card hierarchy scale. After all, isn’t that the whole point of having the GTX 1660 Ti?


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