PUBG’s next map is Karakin, and it’ll likely replace Vikendi

The fifth map for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is coming soon, and it’s called Karakin. After a handful of early teasers, developer PUBG Corp confirmed the name on social media today and provided a very brief video of the new map in action. The studio hasn’t provided much detail on how Karakin will roll out just yet, but it looks like it’ll replace Vikendi for the duration of season 6.

Karakin appears to be set in North Africa or the Middle East – either way, it’s a desert map with at least one small village nestled in mountainous terrain, and there are some number of caverns for you to duck into, as well. Besides the official new map and PUBG season 6 teases, leaked and datamined info suggests that it’ll be a 2×2 location and a mechanic that destroys all buildings within a ‘Black Zone.’

The leaks also suggested that Vikendi would be removed from the game, and that much has now been confirmed. “Vikendi will be rotating out when season 6 begins, but not permanently,” PUBG’s community manager tweeted earlier today. “You can of course still play Vikendi in custom matches. We’ll have more information soon.” The rotation “may have something to do” with Karakin’s debut.

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