Samsung 870 Qvo review: the best that SATA SSDs have to offer

When Samsung launched their 860 Qvo SSD back at the end of 2018, it finally brought high capacity SSDs down to a more affordable price. Why was the 860 Qvo suddenly so much cheaper than the 860 Evo? Well, it was mostly down to the type of storage tech Samsung used inside the Qvo – what’s known as 4-bit MLC (multi-level cell) V-NAND technology, as opposed to the Evo’s 3-bit MLC. Historically, 4-bit has been a bit slower than 3-bit, hence the lower price. But as the 860 Qvo quickly proved, there really wasn’t a huge amount of difference between it and the 860 Evo, making the Qvo the de facto standard for anyone after 1TB or above.

Now, Samsung are back with the 870 Qvo, which uses their second generation 4-bit MLC tech and a new MKX controller that allows for capacities all the way up to 8TB in its slim 7mm chassis. Said 8TB SSD will still cost you a relative arm and a leg – £796 in the UK and a massive $900 in the US – but it’s the entry-level 1TB model I’ve got on test here today, which comes in at a much more affordable £111 / $130. That’s a still fraction more than the current 860 Qvo’s price of £98 / $125, but with Samsung touting a speed increase of up to 13% and a sustained performance boost of up to 21%, let’s see if it’s worth the extra money.


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