Steam now tells you which backlog game you’ll have the most fun with

If you’ve had your Steam account for any length of time, you know how it goes – through some combination of uncautious sale purchases, big bundles, and free giveaways, you accumulate a massive pile of the best PC games that will haunt you until the day you die. But Valve’s relieving a little of the backlog pressure with a new Steam Labs experiment that’ll tell you what game to play next.

When you’re debating what Steam game to play, Valve says “our machine learning system helps you to choose, by suggesting the games it thinks you’ll enjoy most, among games you already own.” It’s based on the same tech as the Interactive Recommender, and appears to largely be based on your playtime in similar titles.

The Play Next system will return a list of recommended games, three at a time, and you can page through a looping series of recommendations. You can hover over the game for a quick version of the trailer, or click a button to see the game directly in your library.

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