The Best iOS Games of the Year Are ‘Hyper Light Drifter’ and ‘Sky: Children of the Light’ According to Apple

Apple has just revealed the top apps and games across iOS, macOS, and tvOS for 2019 as has been the norm for the first week of December each year. Apple also discussed some of the gaming trends from the year. This year’s top iOS choices are both fantastic games. Sky: Children of the Light (Free) from thatgamecompany isn’t a surprise winner and it is Apple’s best iPhone game of 2019. This year also saw Journey ($4.99) from thatgamecompany hit iOS thanks to Annapurna Interactive but Sky plays and feels a lot better on iOS compared to Journey. It has been constantly updated with new content and features since launch. Sky was in development for a long time but the wait was worth it. It will hit other platforms in 2020. Watch the trailer for Sky below:

On the iPad side of things, Apple selected Hyper Light Drifter ($4.99) as the iPad Game of the Year. If you haven’t played Hyper Light Drifter yet, it is basically like a blend of The Legend of Zelda with pixel art that rivals Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP. I reviewed the iOS port earlier this year from Abylight and it is fantastic. The iOS port has all the content from the Nintendo Switch version as well making it one of the best versions of Hyper Light Drifter out there. Watch the trailer below:

Barring iOS, Apple selected the awesome GRIS ($4.99) from Nomada Studio and Devolver Digital as its Mac Game of the Year. GRIS is amazing regardless of platform but it shines best on larger screens. Check out my review of the iOS port here. For tvOS, Apple selected Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap ($7.99) which is a superb remake of the classic game with gorgeous visuals and a great new soundtrack. Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap even has a retro toggle option available for the old school look and feel if you’d prefer that. Read my review of the iOS version here.

The gaming trend of the year for Apple is “Blockbusters reborn” with various big name brands getting adapted to mobile platforms in unique experiences. Minecraft Earth, Mario Kart Tour, The Elder Scrolls: Blades, Call of Duty: Mobile, Gears POP! and more are featured here. What do you think of Apple’s end of year top games?

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