The Gears 5 benchmark is like watching a weird new Auto Chess

It’s a strange thing, this Gears 5 benchmark. Unlike other in-game benchmarks, which simply play the same scene over and over again, the final third of this one sees our beefcake heroes Kait and Del take on a bunch of Swarm in an icy blizzard – and the variance in their AI-driven shooty tactics means the result of their wintry battle is different every time I run it.

And that has been quite a few times, now, as I’ve been trying to work out how I can get my ancient R9 270 card to run the game at a decent speed. Over the repetitions, I’ve become quite invested in their unending struggle, to the point where I’ve decided to chronicle it with some screenshots. Yes, that’s right: it’s time for another round of ‘Weird Things I Notice While Benchmarking!


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