These Skyrim mods let you grow wings and fly over the skies of Tamriel

If you’ve ever wanted to conquer the skies of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, these Skyrim mods will let you do just that. This newly updated wings mod, in conjunction with an established flying mod, will have you whizzing through the clouds of Tamriel with ease.

The Animated Wings Ultimate mod, from Delta 6, provides a large set of wings, 62 pairs in all, that are “fully animated and behave appropriately” in any gameplay situation you might find yourself in. Three different forms, feathered, dragon, and fairy, are included, and all are completely customizable for things like fall damage, jump height, swim speed, and size. The wings are fully compatible with any race or gender, and there’s simple toggles to turn wings on and off for yourself or any NPCs you give them to using the built-in ‘Endowment of Wings’ spell.

To get the most out of your newly grown appendages, you’ll need Flying Mod, an otherwise stand-alone project that has full integration with Animated Wings Ultimate. It’s worth getting that first, then getting your package of assorted wings to fiddle around with.

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