This Fallout 4 mod brings Half-Life’s HEV suit to the Commonwealth

For those of you longing to take another step into the world of Half-Life who also happen to be Fallout 4 fans, a new mod might just be the thing to help you step back into the shoes – and entire suit – of Gordon Freeman. A modder has recreated the HEV suit worn by Half-Life’s hero for the game so you can now jump into the Commonwealth with a new layer between you and all those pesky rads.

The Gordon Freeman’s HEV Suit mod, available on NexusMods thanks to creators MyCart, BZW, and Svarttjern, includes two versions of Freeman’s iconic suit, which in Half-Life protects him from all of the nasty effects incurred from handling hazardous materials. These include the iconic orange and black suit plus a more bronze-coloured one, a little more reminiscent of the one Gina Cross wears. Plus, there’s a helmet – with the post simply asking “‘cause why does Gordon never wear a helmet?”

You can grab the suit in-game by crafting it at a Chemistry Bench, and if you’re a Half-Life and Fallout 4 fan, you’ll probably want to – the suit looks really good judging by the creators’ pictures. It’s got a really stunning level of detail and some nice touches like some light damage across the suit’s Lambda logo and leg plates, because, you know, life on the post-apocalyptic frontier is tough, even with the cool suit.

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